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Wheeled Vehicle Physics Sample

Date : 2023-04-11

Designer / Author : Ali Salmanizadegan


The car physics project is for learning how to make car games with the help of the Wheeled Vehicle object.
Using this sample, you can....

You can make a car game using this sample.
Just use the Wheeled Vehicle object.
For this, first design a 3D model of the car in software such as Blender, Maya or 3Ds Max, or you can even create a 3D model.
Download for free from model sites
Just make sure that the body of the car must be one piece, that is, it is not made of separate pieces. If there are several pieces, you can join them together in 3D software.
The body of the car and the four tires must be separate
After this, you have to export. For this, you can go to the training section, where we posted the training for this job.

How to export 3D models in 3D Max software

Now that you have imported the car model in the game engine, it is time to determine the physics for the car. First, select 4 tires and place the Collision Shape on the cylinder shape like a sample, then determine the appropriate weight and stack amount for the tires. Mass and Friction parameters should be used, you can use the default values of this sample, then go to the car body, select the body and give it a Collision Shape box to make it look like a rectangular cube, then weight and stack like the tires. Give it.

Now it's time for car physics
From the toolbar on the left side of the level tab, click on the icon that looks like a car, then drag and drop it into the level.
Do not change the default values and go to the Vehicle object and select the body from the level, then in the lower lists that include dynamic tires, select the tires that have steering capabilities (such as the front tires of the car) from the level, then In the next list, which includes static tires (such as the rear tires of the car), select the desired tires.

Now your car is ready!
To start this car, there are several actions written in this sample that you can use.
Also, several buttons for the Android version and several keyboards for the Windows version have been added to the main screen so that you can move the food with the arrow keys.
If your car does not move well, you can change the parameters of the Wheeled Vehicle object, which includes acceleration, forward and backward maximum speed, and other parameters.

Download android version output


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Designer / Author

Ali Salmanizadegan

CodeArt Engine Developer

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